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Sunfay Chinese Restaurant is located at 4 Morrow St Taringa close to Taringa Train station, just 4 stops from Brisbane city. Sunfay Chinese Restaurant serves Yum Cha at lunch time from 11am to 3pm and Chinese meals at dinner time.


Yum Cha dishes with current prices:


Steamed prawn dumpling $5.20

Mini pork buns $4.20

Glutinous Rice wrap with Chicken $4.80

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns $5.50

Steamed tofu skin rolls $ 4.20

Siu mai (steamed dim sim) $4.80

Tiew-ciu Fungor $4.20

Baked egg custard tarts $4.20

Deep fried prawn salad dumplings $5.20

Deep fried wonton $4.80

Spring rolls $4.20

Pork ribs in black bean sauce $4.20

Chicken feet in black bean sauce $4.20

Ox tripe in black bean sauce $4.20

Fresh prawn Fun-gor $5.20

Deep fried Pork dumpling $4.20

BBQ Pork pastry $5.20

Salt & Pepper squid tentacles $5.80

Deep fried sesame prawn balls $5.20

Sweet custard buns $4.20

Steamed beef balls $4.20

Turnip pastry $4.20

Skewered satay chicken $5.20

Pan fried chive parcels $4.20

Steamed Chinese greens $5


Contact Details:

Sunfay Chinese Restaurant

4 Morrow St Taringa

Taringa Brisbane
Ph: (07) 3371 7283.


Licensed Restaurant, local and imported beers including Tsing Tao Chinese Beer.


Accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express


Opening Hours:


7 days a week 11am to 3pm and 5pm - 10pm


Sunfay steamed prawn dumplings yum cha

Steamed prawn dumplings




Last updated 10th October 2010

Sunay Chinese Restaurant Yum Cha Taringa Brisbane

Sunfay Chinese Yum Cha Restaurant Taringa

Sunfay Yum Cha Deep fried pork dumplings

Deep fried pork dumplings


Sunfay BBQ Pork Pastry Yum Cha

BBQ Pork Pastry


Sunfay BBQ Pork buns Yum Cha

BBQ Pork Buns




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  Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 10th October 2010 - from Scott

For a suburban Chinese restaurant the Yum Cha is excellent. A great selection and each dish is cooked fresh. I always judge my Yum Cha but the BBQ pork buns and these were great. Nice spongy roll and the BBQ pork was really tasty. My favourite dish here was the BBQ pork pastry - so yummy. The prices are much cheaper than the other Yum Cha restaurants in Fortitude valley. I highly recommend the Yum Cha at Sunfay Chinese Restaurant.

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