Squires Loft Steakhouse Restaurant Gold Coast

Name: Squires Loft Steakhouse

Type: Steak Restaurant

Address: 21-23 Robina Town Drive
Robina Town Centre Gold Coast

Opening Hours: Open from 11:00am 7 days a week

Phone: (07) 5575 8850

Website: http://www.squiresloft.com.au

Squires Loft Steakhouse Robina Gold Coast QLD

Squires Loft Steakhouse is a restaurant located with the Robina Town Centre Shopping Mall. Serving a great range of excellent quality steaks and specialise in their pork ribs either 500grams or 1kg of quality, delicious pork ribs basted in their special bbq sauce. Squire's has a fully stocked bar and extensive range of wines on their menu. A great family restaurant or for all the meat lovers on the Gold Coast.

Squires Loft Steakhouse Restaurant Reviews

Reviews submitted 25th November 2013 - from Jean

Well what can I say the best ribs ever fell of the bone, lamb chops to die for so would tell everyone to give it a go...yum

Review submitted 24th November 2013 - from Dennis

Although this is titled as a steakhouse, it is really all about the ribs. On the night I ate there there was hardly a steak to be seen.. Lots of plates with lots of pork ribs. As would be expected they were cooked to perfection, best I have had in some time. Not undercooked, just right to where they come off the bone without a fight.I liked that they had different rack size choices (a little like silicone tits). The meal was not cheap but was value - you payed for good quality food.

Review submitted 18th November 2013 - from Scott

Fantastic ribs, I went here for dinner wth 3 friends and we all ordered the pork ribs and all thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Great wine too. Service at the beginning of the meal was great but then at the end we asked for the bill which never arrived. I had to walk up to the counter and pay there.


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