Sky Chinese Yum Cha Restaurant Gold Coast

Name: Sky Chinese Restaurant

Type: Chinese Restaurant - Yum Cha Restaurant

Address: Hilton Shop 6-8 3113 Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

Opening Hours: Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week

Phone: (07) 5526-2299

Website: no website

Sky Chinese Restaurant Surfers Paradise Gold Coast QLD

Sky Restaurant is a Chinese / Cantonese restaurant located right next to the Hilton Hotel in the heart of Surfers Paradise Gold Coast. Sky Restaurant serves yum cha daily at lunch times and a full al a carte Chinese menu service a great range of cantonese cuisine.

Sky Restaurant has a range of large fish tanks in the restaurant with a selection of fresh live seafood to choose from including lobster, large crabs and abalone.

The Yum Cha menu at lunch time has a huge selection of Yum Cha dumpling dishes with the Yum Cha prices ranging from $3.80 per dish to the large speciality dishes which cost $9.80.

Sky Chinese Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 22nd November 2014 - from Michelle

From Melb on a family holiday - my 9 yr old said best, duck & Chinese / meal ever, My kids & husband tried everything in banquet, most things a 1st... Hope u guys would open in Melb :-)

Review submitted 21st June 2014 - from Scott

I was staying at the Hilton Hotel as discovered this new Chinese restaurant which opened up in the shopping arcade right next to the hotel. I went in on Monday at lunch time, I had skipped breakfast so went in just on 12pm as was really hungry. I love my yum cha and was really looking forward to trying this new restaurant in Surfers Paradise. Let me tell you I was not disappointed as all the dishes they served for Yum cha was top notch delicious. There were around 8 other tables with mostly Chinese customers already in the restaurant (always a good sign in a Chinese Restaurant). I sat down the straight away the waiter asked if I wanted to order a drink. I ordered a Tsing Tao Chinese and some Chinese tea. When in China! A Chinese friend had once told me that the jasmine tea they serve in Yum Cha restaurants is usually poor quality as they usually do not charge for the tea. Well if that is poor quality then I like the cheap stuff. The tea at Sky Restaurant was not different. I love Jasmine tea and it goes so well with yum cha.

The waiter asked if I wanted to order any of the dishes off the menu. I didn't see any trolleys coming around so I ordered up some of my favourites, steamed prawn dumplings, scallop dumplings, flat rice noodles with prawns and my all time favourite yum cha dish - BBQ pork buns. Each dish came with a bit of time in between so got to try a few of each dish before the next one came along. I usually judge a yum cha restaurant by their BBQ pork buns. The ones at Sky Restaurant really were outstanding, yummy fluffy white soft buns with a sweet sauce with nice firm chunks of bbq pork. Really good stuff.

All round a great yum cha experience. I will definitely be back next time I stay at the Hilton. I didn't get to look at the dinner menu but I will definitely go back and try their food at night time. The seafood fish tanks at the front of the restaurant has some very impressive sized crabs and lobsters so I think a nice big seafood feed for dinner is waiting for my arrival. This restaurant is really worth a visit. Friendly efficient staff, the restaurant looks great and located in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Highly recommended.


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