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Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill

2685 Gold Coast Hwy


Gold Coast


Ph: (07) 5539 9952



Restaurant type: Steak restaurant / Modern Australian Fine Dining Restaurant


Opening hours: Open 7 days a week for lunch from 12pm and dinner from 6pm


BYO/Licensed: Fully Licensed - with an extensive drinks menu. A great selection of wines.


Menu Price range: Expensive. Expect an average of $100 per person especially if drinking beer and wine.


Restaurant description: A good quality steak restaurant located in the heart of Broadbeach Gold Coast Queensland. Moo Moo also have a steak restaurant located in Brisbane. A selection of great beef included Dry Aged Black Angus from Gippsland Victoria, Wagyu beef from Macquarie Downs Queensland. Also serve pasta and seafood dishes. Located right in the heart of Broadbeach right next to Victoria Park. Has been operating at this same venue since 2005. Vegetarian and gluten free meals available.


Bar description: The wine bar out the front of the restaurant is a nice trendy bar which is relaxing for drinks before your meal or just stop by to have a drink.


Payments accepted: Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and JCB


Restaurant location: Check Google Maps for the location of Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill


Restaurant Website: Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill



Lamb cutlets entree at Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill

Last updated 11th March 2013


Moo Moo Steak Restaurant Broadbeach

Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill Restaurant Broadbeach Gold Coast

Dining area at Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill Broadbeach

Looking outside from the restaurant Moo Moo Steak Restaurant

Appetizers at Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill Broadbeach

Steak at Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill


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  Moo Moo Wine Bar and Grill Reviews

Review submitted 12th March 2013 - by Jean M

Nice place, didn't get to know the specials they forgot. The entree's were stunning and the main was rare not well done as I ordered. The place is overrated

Review submitted 12th March 2012 - by Dennis M

This restaurant promised the world and failed to deliver on a number of levels. Firstly the service for such an apparent up-market restaurant left alot to be desired. Our waiter was slow in taking drink orders, didnt think to inform us regarding the specials of the day, and was generally tardy and disinterested. For a steak restaurant the food was ,not surprisingly, mainly a bevy of steaks, but sufficient other mains were available. The price range for the steaks ranged from expensive to very (and I mean VERY) expensive. Quality of the meat could not be faulted and the size of each main was fine. Now we come to where they start getting it wrong by being greedy. Your piece of meat is certainly not cheap but I draw the line at having to pay for vegetable/salad sides. And I am angry that sauces are also not included in the price - especially when we are not informed of this fact. This is outright profiteering.

In summary , yes the food was good , but it was not a pleasant dining experience because of their pay for everything policy. If you are contemplating a visit to this restaurant, expect to pay a minimum of $100 per diner. You wont see me there again.

Review submitted 10th March 2013 - by Scott from Sydney

I had heard lots of good things about Moo Moo's and who doesn't like a good steak restaurant. We went in and the restaurant looks awesome, really nice dining area inside with wide open doors at the front overlooking the park next door. Very relaxing. The menu is very extensive with a great range of different steaks but all quite expensive. The food is top notch quality and the steaks are really good. Though I can only give this restaurant 6/10 mainly due to the service.

Lost 1 point - we were greeted by a waiter as we sat down who gave us the menus and poured some water. He said someone would be over to take our drinks order and tell us the specials of the night. We had all been through the menu and chosen what we wanted but no drinks order. 10 minutes later the waiter came over to take our drink and food order. We ordered what we had decided. After he took the order we had realised he had not told us the specials.

Lost 1 point - The waiter came back after he took our order and asked if we want sauce to go with our steaks. He rattled of the flavours of each sauce and we all ordered a different sauce. We told him he had not told us the specials and he said oh there is just soup on the specials menu. We saw 2 waitress tell the tables next to us the specials which seemed like a long list, not just soup!

Lost 1 point - They charged us for the sauce! After ordering a $52 steak you would expect the sauce to come with it. Though all you get on the plate is a big steak and half a baked garlic. 3 sides cost $21. The sauce was $3.60 each. $10.80 for sauce for 3 people. What is up with that! And just looked at their menu online which says choose 3 sauces for $9 so they overcharged me too. Should have lost another point for that.

Lost 1 point - They undercooked my steak! I ordered medium-well because I really do not enjoy steaks that are red or bloody in the middle. My steak came out really pink in the middle and really not enjoyable. No I didn't it back! Even if they cooked a new steak from scratch, sending food back has a high probability of chef spit being added.

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