Mecca Bah Restaurant Gold Coast

Name: Mecca Bah Restaurant

Type: Morrocan / Middle Eastern food

Address: 3 Oracle Boulevard Broadbeach Gold Coast

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11AM till late

Phone: (07) 5504 7754


Mecca Bah Restaurant Broadbeach Gold Coast Queensland

Mecca Bah Restaurant is a restaurant located in the heart of Broadbeach Gold Coast serving a range of Morrocan, North African and Middle Eastern cuisine, Tagines served with Cous Cous, Moroccan Potato cakes, Lamb Sfiha, Kataifa Pastry, Spicy lamb and Pinenut Boureks, Harira Soup, Spiced Calamari, Chicken and Lamb kebabs are a few of the items available on their menu. See the full menu at Mecca Bah Here.

Mecca Bah is a lively restaurant with dining indoors and outside with sliding windows to open the restaurant in the warmer summer months. The kitchen is open so you can see all the action in the kitchen.

Mecca Bah has an extensive drinks menu wth local and international beers including beers from Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. The wine menu is predominately Australian and New Zealand white and red wines with extensive spirits and a great range of tasty cocktails.

Mecca Bah Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 6th October 2014 - from Dennis

This restaurant is centrally positioned in the middle of Broadbeach and is impressively laid out. The good review ends right there.

Service is adequate and then there is the food. The best dish (a lamb in pastry entree) is fine , but quality went downhill very quickly after that. The order of calamari was yawningly average, the chicken kebabs were overly garliced . The highlight which turned out to be the lowlight was the lamb kebabs. The were truely aweful. Nastily undercooked, tough chunks of lamb which was bad enough to give mutton a bad name.

When we complained the waiter came up with a totally unbelievable excuse.

You are taught never to say never, but I will never go back to this place. It does not get close to a pass mark.

Review submitted 5th October 2014 - from Jean

The service was fantastic and they were all very attentive. The dips to start were very tasty followed by lamb boreks which were just so flavoursome, then calamari was just ok have had much better.

We had lamb meatballs floating in a tomato and egg spice tagine, the lamb kebab was raw and I didn't even try it as the meat was red, had the chicken kebab again just ok. Alas I have had better meals and will not go back. Score 4/10 Cheers

Review submitted 4th October 2014 - from Scott

I made a booking for my 2 friends and I to dine on Saturday night at Mecca Bah. I do love Moroccan food so was looking forward to a great feed at Mecca Bah. We were all impressed with the interior design of the restaurant when we arrived, plenty of room between tables and the actual dining tables were huge which is great compared with alot of restaurants with cramped tables fitting for room, especially when sharing dishes spread out across the table.

As soon as we sat down I ordered the Mecca Bah Dips (Hummus, Labna and Baba Gannouji) and Turkish bread so we can begin the feasting as soon as possible. I asked the waiter if they could serve it with Lebanese bread instead of the Turkish bread, I had seen on the menu Lebanese bread served in the Fattoush Lebanese Bread Salad. The waiter responded that it was served with Turkish Bread. I asked again if they could serve the dips with Lebanese bread. He looked at me funny and I explained I like the flat Lebanese bread instead of the Turkish bread. He responded that they could make the Lebanese bread in the pizza oven. The dips arrived (all very tasty) and the flat bread was not exactly Lebanese bread but a doughy flat bread which was just OK. I guess I should have just stuck with the Turkish bread.

Next we ordered the Spicy lamb And pinenut boureks (pastry) and Moroccan spiced calamari with turkish bean salad. The lamb boureks were the best, a real highlight of our meal. The calamari pieces were huge and easily sliced and devoured. The bean salad was a real surprise with mint and string beans.

We had knocked down a few of the Almaza Lebanese beers which is a very tasty pilsner beer. For wine we choose the 2011 Tim Gramp Shiraz from Clare Valley which was just divine, and excellent choice of wine.

To finish off our feast we ordered the Lamb Meatballs With Egg & Spicy Tomato Sauce and the Duo Kebab Grill - garlic chicken & tsire spiced lamb served with minted yoghurt & lemon. The meatball tagine was just ok though there was some spice in the meatballs which we could not identify which was not the best. The chicken kebab was indeed very garlicy, maybe a bit too much garlic. Now we all love our lamb so were so looking forward to the lamb kebabs but unfortunately they were just under cooked, very pink inside and even blood squirting out when we cut into the lamb. It was so raw we just couldn't eat it. A waitress came over and asked if everything was OK and we explained that the lamb was undercooked and we couldn't eat it like that. She asked if we would like another kebab cooked for us which we declined. She then came back after speaking the manager and said they would take the cost of the lamb off our bill which they did which is a good move on the restaurants part.

The waiter who had seated us brought over the bill and asked us if the meal was OK. We had explained about the lamb being undercooked and how the waitress had graciously taken the cost off our bill. He also apologised and then proceeded to spoil his apology with a poor excuse saying that because their meat was halal that they often had problems with the quality of meat delivered. WTF? I assured him it was not the quality of the meat that was the problem but just undercooked, a few more minutes on the grill was all it would have taken to make that dish perfect.

I would probably give this restaurant 6/10. Overall it was a nice dining experience. Even the bad experience with the lamb undercooked was taken care of by the staff in a professional manner.The service all together was outstanding.


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