Bistro Cheers Japanese Family Restaurant Gold Coast

Name: Bistro Cheers Japanese Family Restaurant

Type: Japanese Restaurant

Address: 28/8 Chairlift Ave E Nobby Beach Gold Coast

Opening Hours: Open for dinner everynight except Wed

Phone: (07) 5554 6868

Website: No website

Bistro Cheers Japanese Family Nobby Beach Gold Coast QLD

Bistro Cheers Japanese Family is tucked in close to Nobby's Beach, just off the Gold Coast Highway. A small restaurant serving traditional Japanese food. The front windows of the restaurant have photos of alot of the dishes they serve, all looking tasty. A licenced restaurant serving local beers as well as some imported Japanese beers including Asahi, Sapporo and Hokkaido tap beer. There is also a good range of Japanese sake, Japanese sochu and a good choice of wine and spirits. The well priced food menu has a good range of Japanese cuisine including sashimi, sushi, tempura, teriyaki, beef, chicken and seafood dishes. BYO wine. Payment - cash, mastercard or Visa credit cards. Bistro cheers has indoor air-conditioned dining or al fresco dining outside along Chairlift Avenue Nobby Beach. Tuesday and Wednesday nights Bistro Cheers have a $25 deal including 1 entree and 1 main meal from a selection of the menu.

Bistro Cheers Japanese Family Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 26th January 2014 - from Jeannie

The great Japanese food from this rather 'small' restaurant was stunning. The choice of meals was up there with the large and much more expensive restaurants I have been to. The chicken was to die for it melted in you mouth, the tofu was extreamley tastie all dishes came with great sauces which only enhanced the already great food. Highly recommend this fabulous restaurant.

Review submitted 26th January 2014 - from Dennis

Bistro Cheers is a funny name for a Japanese restaurant , maybe its one of those that loses something in the translation. Other than that there is nothing else other than big positives about this place. While it is small in size it is big on service, dish selection and the quality of the food and sauces is excellent. A typical Japanese restaurant menu, the potrions are not huge but extremely tasty. Everything was very good but the deep fried chicken in breadcrumbs gets a special shoutout. Good value price-wise as well gets this bistro a two thumbs up. Cheers.

Review submitted 26th January 2014 - from Scott

I had walked past this small restaurant a few times before I realised it was a Japanese restaurant. I decided to try it so went in for dinner Saturday night with 3 friends. We were all impressed. For a small restaurant the quality of the food was outstanding. We got to try a good cross section of the menu, soft shell crab, agedashi tofu, deep fried calamari in ginger sauce, tempura prawns and vegetables, deep fried chicken in bbq and teriyaki sauce and the pick of the menu, the beef in chilli sauce. I travel to Tokyo often and am very familiar with Japanese food and restaurants and this restaurant in Nobby's Beach is as authentic Japanese as you get. Even the Hokkaido tap beer was served in the large chilled tumblers. All the staff were friendly and attentive. The restaurant was packed when we left around 7.30pm so I recommend making a reservation.


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